Cooking Classes Online – Food Safety, Important Equipment

Cooking classes online can prevent e.coli and samonella (did you know you can get both with steak tartare?).  Didn’t mean to scare you, there, but food safety is more and more important.  Who knew you could get sick with spinach and peanuts.  You don’t have to be a nut about this, but you do have to know what you are doing starting at the grocery store. russian grocery store

I always keep a food cooling bag in my car (you can get these at most grocery stores) and put the meats, fish and dairy in it on my way home.  If you know you are going to be on the road for a while, places that have real butchers always have those little frozen thing-ys that keep stuff cold.  Or you could buy a couple of cold drinks and put them in the food cooler bag.  If you are very advanced or have a big crowd to cook for, you could keep a small cooler in the car.

The other biggie is not to handle raw fish, poultry or meat with the same utensil that you use to handle the cooked product, nor the same plates or cutting surfaces.  You can get those neat silicon slicing mats that say “meat” or “veggies” on them so you don’t mix them up.  And watch that big fork.  Either wash it off while the meal is cooking, or get out another one to put the food on a platter.

As for basic equipment, you can view them online and decide what you need.

You need to look for “real” cooking classes online” not just the occasional YouTube video.  A real school will walk you through the steps from food safety to equipment needed, to simple recipes and then more complex ones all in a video format.  Most websites that say they are online cooking schools are really just recipes to print out with maybe one photo or cooking schools that you have to attend in person but you can sign up online.

A cooking cooking class on line will be available for you to access at any time 24/7 and you can rerun and rerun and rerun until you get it.  They also always have the recipes available to be printed out.

BigMamaGuru, aka Linda Servis, was always interested in cooking. She used to watch “Our Lady of Charm in her Charm Kitchen” in the 50’s. But as she was a little kid then, that was all too complicated. Then as adulthood loomed, Julia Child came on the scene in written form of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. But people now are much more interested in getting much more information much more quickly.

That’s why cooking classes online are such a good idea. You can call up classes on specific recipes, techniques and methods to satisfy the needs of the moment. You can do it easily and quickly and as often as you like. You can repeat it endlessly if you are a real beginner in the kitchen.