Is It Possible To See Who Viewed Your Profile On Facebook?

If you are one of the 50 million people that use the online social networking Facebook you’re probably familiar with the recent flood of wall posts that claim you can see who has visited your profile. They go by many different names including ProfileSpy and Pro Check, claims it will offer insight into how many people have viewed your Facebook profile if you fill out a short survey and grant the app permission to access your information. best spy gps tracker for android 

This sounds great and for the many people that have fallen victim to a Facebook stalker this would be a great tool to see exactly who has become obsessed with your profile and online activities. It would be great to see if that old blind date, ex-husband or creepy guy from work is hitting up your profile every 5 minutes.

But unfortunately these apps are not real and they’re simply not the solution to your problem with Facebook stalkers. These apps just want to have access to your account and get you to fill out surveys. These apps are just spam and will repost the invitation to this app under your name on your wall and an the walls of all your Facebook friends. you’re friends thin you endorse this app and will sign up too only to have their Facebook account used to spam all their friends. As of the writing of this article there is no online application to see who has visited your profile or identify the read name and address behind a Facebook account.

There are however ways to identify people on Facebook and deal with unwanted attention or online stalking you may be experiencing on Facebook.There are private investigators that specialize in cyber stalking investigations. These investigators can take an anonymous Facebook profile and locate and identify the real name and address behind that profile. Even if all the information used to create that profile is false and the only reason the account was opened was to spy on you or send you harassing Facebook messages.

If you are dealing with unwanted attention on Facebook you may be feeling desperate and want to try these apps. But you should not fall for this urban legend that it’s possible to see who viewed your profile of Facebook using these apps. The only way to deal with a Facebook stalker is to hire a professional investigator.