To Cure Sleep Apnea, Combine Apnea Exercises and Weight Loss!

You snore when you sleep and this is not only causing you disturbed sleep but is responsible for irritating people in your family as well, especially your spouse who shares the same bed with you! But did you know that however insignificant role this small disturbance may be causing you, if ignored, snoring can eventually lead you to a more serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea? This is a distressing disorder which not only causes discomfort in the short term, but can also have fatal consequences including heart attack, stroke and even death.

Therefore, in your best interest, it is important that you treat sleep apnea as soon as you see the early signs – and for you it is snoring. Interestingly, chances are that you are overweight too and if you can lose some weight, your sleep disorder can be under control too! But how can you stop or prevent apnea without having to resort to expensive and cumbersome devices or allopathic medicines? The problem of sleep apnea, however severe it may be, can actually be stopped as well as prevented by doing some simple apnea exercises! Sounds too simple to be true?

What is the best part about these apnea exercises is that you can always combine them with some exercising schedules designed for weight loss. Here is some food for thought, when you want to lose weight at the same time treat sleep apnea: sleep apnea


  • Sleep apnea is a condition common with people who are overweight. Therefore you on one hand you need to lose those extra pounds not just around your abdomen or hip but also strengthen the muscles of your throat, nose and mouth.
  • The best way to stop apnea is to prevent it in the first place. You can therefore effectively combine two goals: lose weight by following a weight loss program and do apnea exercises.
  • Your first aim to lose weight is to do the following: have a balanced diet; do some forms of physical exercise to burn fat; bring some healthy alterations to your lifestyle choices and of course delete fried and over-sweetened foods.
  • You could simultaneously start to strengthen your otolaryngologic muscles, that is, the muscles of your mouth, nose and throat which are responsible for blocking the air passages when you inhale and exhale. In fact, this blockage is causing snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Apnea exercises consist of a series of routine programs which are designed to strengthen the muscles of your tongue, jaws, soft palate of your mount that are weak and flaccid. The apnea exercises aim to put more strength into these muscles so that they regain their firmness. Once firm, they would not flap or drop while you sleep.
  • You have to remember that your twin aims to lose weight and do apnea exercises to control your sleep apnea problems should run parallel. While you can take up walking, alternate walking with jogging, swimming or cycling on the recumbent bicycle at the gym, you can also do the recommended apnea exercises when you are at home.
  • Some of the apnea exercises designed exclusively to stop or prevent sleep apnea include: tongue curling; making your tongue touch and press the roof of your mouth; chewing a gum stick slowly and gradually intensifying it for two to 3 minutes for strengthening your jaw muscles; palate exercising by trying to practice some singing to exercise your vocal chords.