Tissue Healing Through Body Massage

Everyone know that a simple massage can ease a specific part of your body. Just apply some pressure with your hands and fingers and move about. Yes, that can very well ease your tense muscles if you perform the massage for quite some time.

But you might know that already. What else don’t you know? Everyone thinks of massaging as bringing only one benefit, that is easing muscle tensions.

Actually, you can also strengthen your immune efficiency, make your blood circulate better and finally heal your tissues. I bet you did not know about these 3 other benefits, did you? 강남안마

Both the first 2 factors are primarily responsible for producing the third benefit; tissue healing.

Here’s a quick run down on how the first 2 work.

Immune efficiency strength boost

The immune system is directly influenced by the lymph system. Along the lymph system, there are lymph nodes. When your masseuse stimulates these nodes, your lymph system can work better to transfer the fluid that contain potential harmful bacteria away from the body. This results in stronger immunity of the body. In short, you won’t get sick so easily.

Better blood circulation

You must understand that blood flow in one direction because of the existence of valves in the veins. Therefore, your professional massager will only massage in the direction of the blood flow, improving the circulation.

The results: tissue healing

More blood can flow faster and better. This means more nutrient rich contents can be transported. The tissue can also detoxify because of better fluid flow of the lymph system, which translates into faster healing.

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