Designing Your Children’s Room

Designing ones bedroom is not easy. Considerable thought has to go into building the design concept with a clear understanding of ones needs, wants and personality. After your entire bedroom is you innermost private space where you are by yourself. How you want you want your bedroom design to be will differ from person to person. While some people may want to use bedroom with a study corner to read or use the net, others might prefer a home theater etc. The following tips will help you get ideas on how to design your bedroom.

First point of your note should be to define the user of the bedroom with details including his or her age. This has to be kept in mind while designing the bedroom for everyone’s utility requirements are different. A child’s bedroom would be significantly different from an adult’s bedroom in terms of features. peppande citat 

The most interesting aspect of your design project would be your children’s room. You cannot decide and finalize the design without their involvement. They can make you tear your hair out. It is likely that they will pooh pooh your designs and act fussy. Their ideas and concepts can be quite challenging.

Children would love a designer theme that matches with their fantasy. It can be a doghouse, a tree house or a submarine depending upon children’s favorite stories. You can find matching furniture pieces to go with the theme design and choose appropriate colors for the wall and use posters to complete the picture.

Bedroom design concepts for adults would be totally different. You would need to use more soft shades that give a open but soft and calm look. Alternatively you can experiment to try and bring more of natural light and natural elements into the bedroom to give a different feeling or perhaps use eco friendly natural products to design a ethnic concept.

A theme based bedroom can use eco friendly and natural materials that are produced from sustainable crops and do not destroy nature. A wooden flooring can do magic to the bedroom while bamboo doors and window curtains can give a ethnic look. Once can also opt for a bamboo matted four-poster bed. For the walls you can try chemical free paints.

With just the design in mind you cannot begin your work or start alterations. There are other things like lighting, plumbing, sanitary fittings, pest control, ventilation, heating and air-conditioning, civil works etc to be worked out in detail. It would not be advisable to start buying anything until and unless you have the complete plan and list of things available and to be bought ready and tied up all loose ends.